the enigma of david ellingham

a short film

Shortly after a man tries to confront his wife about infidelity, he finds her murdered with no recollection of what happened. His best friend shows up to help him sort through the options he has. The question bodes, in our most vulnerable of moments, is it the ID or the EGO you should trust?

The Enigma of David Ellingham is an original screenplay, written by John-Paul Panelli. The concept came from the ever growing question of being able to trust your own instincts in an hyper-realized state of mind.


Chad Gall

Chad Gall

David Ellingham

Chad Gall is an American Actor and Producer. He has been acting since grade school, where he quickly found comfort and excitement in live performances. He carried this passion all the way into his adult life to the Performer’s Studio Workshop in Tampa, FL where he studied for 3 years. He has been in dozens of plays such as Closer, Sexual Perversity in Chicago, Glengarry Glen Ross, and Death of Salesman. Over the last several years in Los Angeles, Chad has appeared in many supporting and recurring roles on Television such as: Starz Magic City, NCIS, Subgurtory, Burn Notice, and Army Wives.

John-Paul Panelli

John-Paul Panelli

Director / Writer / Producer

John-Paul Panelli moved to Los Angeles in 2012 after living in the South of Spain. He has a BA in Advertising from SDSU. Over the course of 1 year, he has written and directed 8 short films and 2 spec commercials, some on as little of a budget as $50. When not directing, Panelli travels abroad as much as possible...having visited 20 countries in 5 years.

Joel Cocciolone

Joel Cocciolone


Joel Cocciolone is an American Actor and Writer. He studied at the Performer's Studio Workshop in Tampa, FL where he met Chad Gall. After acting school, he sold all of his possessions, hopped in his car (with his dog Rasta) and drove all the way to Los Angeles over several months...only supporting himself through art he painted along the way. He has been in 11 short films in the last year and guest starred on 90210.

Michun Radant

Michun Radant

Asami Ellingham

Michun Radant was born in Wisconsin, raised in Taiwan and moved to Los Angeles within the last year. She is classically trained as a dancer and has acted throughout her life. She studied acting at the Chinese Culture University where she double majored in Dance & Drama. One of her most notable performances was as a dancer during the 2009 World Games Opening Ceremony.

Matt Plaxco (Director of Photography) has had a camera glued to his hand for the better part of his adult life. Born and raised in Seattle, he moved to Los Angeles 3 years ago to attend the Art Center of College and Design. In just under 2 years, he has worked on over 40 productions and been the Director of Photography on 15 short films.

Anna Gevorkian (Editor) is an alumna of Art Center College of Design, where she graduated with a BFA in Film (Editing track). Throughout her career she’s cut award winning commercials and music videos as well as a handful of short films.

Sonya Belousova (Composer) is one of today’s youngest most accomplished composers and pianists. Originally from St-Petersburg, Russia, Sonya is the winner of multiple international competitions as both composer and pianist as well as the recipient of the RUSSIAN MINISTRY OF CULTURE AWARD, the most prestigious Russian Award granted on the basis of exceptional talent and maturity.

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